BrightNest's mission is to make homeowners happy.


BrightNest's mission is to make homeowners happy.

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4 Reasons to Join BrightNest, For Free!

So, we’re about a month into 2013. How’s it going so far? If a few of your resolutions have gone by the wayside, don’t beat yourself up quite yet. We have an ingenious way for you to turn over a new leaf-of-awesome.

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What’s our angle? Glad you asked! BrightNest is on a mission to make homeowners happy. Whether you want to revamp your entire organization style or just make sure everything’s working properly (and safely), we’ll provide the tools and tips you need to get the job done. Plus, we just made some exciting changes to the site. Here are four reasons to join BrightNest right now.  

1. More Personalized Content. The content we provide to our users has always been customized based on the unique attributes of their house. But now, it’s also customized to their interests! If you made a resolution to save more money in 2013, let us know when you sign up and we’ll send savvy ideas your way. If you just want to spend every waking hour crafting in your art room, that’s cool, too. We have plenty of artistic inspiration!

2. Custom Reminders.  Everyone operates on a different schedule. You have your day for laundry, and a set time of year to check on your sump pump. We get that. So, except for time-sensitive, seasonal to-dos, we let you decide when you want to tackle each task. Add them to your calendar for next weekend, next month or even next year. You’re the boss. When your scheduled time rolls around, we’ll send you a quick email reminder so you don’t forget!

3. Family Bonding. With BrightNest, you can add other family members to your account so they can share the household responsibilities. Fun! Has your significant-other been slacking on their duties? Add them to your shared BrightNest calendar so they can get back on schedule.

4. A Perfect Memory (For Your Home). If you’ve been living in your house for a while, it’s easy to forget things like the exact shade of blue you painted your bathroom, or the phone number for that awesome roofing contractor you used five years ago. You can store all of these details in your BrightNest Homefolio, where they’ll always be safe and accessible. 

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