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2x4: Who Gives a Hoot? Rock Out with Your Owls Out

Think the owl trend is over? Think again! These wide-eyed birds are everywhere in jewelry and home décor. Here are four easy ways to bring owls into your home:


Photo: West Elm

In Your Kitchen. Do you make all of your cookies from scratch, or do you rely on Betty Crocker for your recipes? More importantly, does anyone give a hoot as long as you keep them in a stylish owl jar like this one? If you do travel down the homemade-cookie road, measure the ingredients for your delicious treats with these owl-shaped measuring cups. We can’t promise that they’ll improve the taste of your cookies, but they definitely can’t hurt, either!

During Craft Time. Families go through a heck of a lot of toilet paper! Instead of tossing your empty rolls, turn them into paper owls. This project is simple and impressive. Take a few rolls and paint them bright colors using markers or paint. Then, use a black permanent marker to draw the owl features. Get creative – your owls deserve some flare and personality! Lastly, pinch one end of the roll down to create owl ears. Voila! Enjoy your free and unique holiday ornament or bathroom decoration.

Under Your Feet. Rugs do more than look nice under your feet. They dampen sound, clean your boots, add insulation and, let’s face it, really make a room feel cozy. For an unexpected take on the classic rug look, go for an owl-shaped option instead of a rectangle or square. You’ll get all of the rug benefits with none of the boredom. Just be sure to clean your rug every once in awhile – rugs can become home to thousands of different species of bacteria (up to 200,000 per square inch) if they’re neglected.

On Your Walls. If the idea of repainting your kitchen makes you die a little bit inside, go for wallpaper next time. We’re not talking about the boring paisley of your momma’s era. No siree, designs range from mid-century modern to over-the-top faux bookshelves and everything in-between. Soaring somewhere in that range is this owl pattern, which we love. Paper up your kitchen with these little hooters, or add them as an accent to your child’s bedroom. For tips on wallpapering techniques, read: 7 Steps to Perfect Wallpaper & Modern Paper Options.

Photo: West Elm

Photo: West Elm

Photo: PBTeen

Photo: Modcloth

Photo: West Elm

Photo: Anthropologie

Photo: Urban Outfitters

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