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BrightNest's mission is to make homeowners happy.

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2x4: Righteous Uses for Rubber Bands

It’s back-to-school season! Whether someone in your home is starting a new semester or not, rubber bands should be added to your supply list. Here are four of our favorite uses for this common household item:

Reshape Broom Bristles. Every time you sweep, your broom bristles splay a little bit more until eventually the broom is unusable! Instead of tossing your sweeping tool in the garbage, salvage it with rubber bands. Wrap a rubber band around the broom a few inches from the bottom. If your broom is in really bad shape, use multiple bands. Let it sit for at least one day, and then remove the bands. Once it’s back in shape, use it to reduce dust in your house!

Open Tight Jars. Sometimes, jar lids just won’t budge! You don’t need superhuman strength or a secret tapping method to pry it open – just a rubber band! Slip a thick rubber band around the cap of the jar, and then try to open the jar as you normally would. The rubber band gives you extra grip, which will make opening the jar easy! Don’t toss those jars once they’re empty. Instead, reuse them! Here’s how: Organize & Decorate with Mason Jars.


Wipe Your Paintbrush. Next time you decide to change up the color in a room, use a rubber band to keep the mess to a minimum. Instead of wiping excess paint against the side of the can after each brush stroke, wrap a rubber band around the can from top to bottom, going across the middle of the can opening. Tapping the brush against the rubber band instead of the lip of the can prevents mess and splattered paint. For more paint tricks, read Touch Up Paint in 2 Minutes Flat.

Anchor Your Cutting Board. If you chase your cutting board every time you chop veggies, anchor it down! Avoid having a knife accident by giving the board some traction with rubber bands. Put one rubber band around each end of the cutting board, and it will stay put! Once everything is chopped, remove the rubber bands and clean the board with lemon. For step-by-step instructions, read Clean Your Cutting Board & Classic Wooden Boards.

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