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BrightNest's mission is to make homeowners happy.

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2X4: Mmm, Bacon! Four New Ways to Use It In the House

At BrightNest, we’re big fans of bacon. Huge, even. And not just because it’s delicious on everything from chocolate cupcakes to maple syrup-covered pancakes. This “meat candy” is also a handy tool for your house! Here are four reasons to break out the bacon at home:


Photo 2: Panini Happy

Make Candles. In this age of electronic toothbrushes and crazy kitchen gadgets, sometimes it’s nice to slow down and appreciate old-fashioned pleasures. Like candlelight and bacon fat. Our ancestors used fats and oils for fuel and light, so why can’t you? All you need to make your own bacon candle is: rendered bacon fat, wax and a glass container (canning jars work great). For step-by-step instructions, visit Poor Taste.

Enjoy Avocado-Bacon Toast. If you're short on bacon fat to use around the house, just make more bacon! That’s where Panini Happy comes in. To make these incredible avocado-bacon toast slices, you only need bread, olive oil, bacon, avocados and a lime. They’re super easy to make and really delicious. When you’re ready to make these savory treats, check out the detailed recipe .


Photo 1: West Elm

Season Cast Iron. Grandma’s cast iron skillet is better than yours. And that’s not because it’s older or bigger or magical – she just knows how to season it! Cast iron skillets don’t come out of the box with a nonstick surface, perfect seasoning comes from cooking delicious meals. To speed up the seasoning process, coat your skillet with bacon fat and then bake it (empty) at 350° F for an hour or so. To keep the flavor safe, make sure you clean your cast iron properly  and avoid using soap or detergent. Soapsuds will remove your seasoning and send you back to Bland Town, USA!

Entice Rodents. If the rodents in your house have gotten wise to your minty ways, it’s time to break out the bacon guns. Bacon has a potent, delicious smell, and the scent tends to stick around longer than other meats such as chicken or beef. Use a piece of bacon as bait and mice (like many humans) won’t be able to resist the deliciously tempting smell! They’ll be lured into your trap in no time. Once mice are out of the house, keep them away with these tips!

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