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BrightNest's mission is to make homeowners happy.

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2X4: Make Your Home Zen in Four Easy Steps

It takes more than some earth-tone décor to make your home a haven of tranquility. If you’re seeking Zen garden-esque calm inside your house, look no further. Inner peace is just a few simple adjustments away:


Photo 2: West Elm

Hide the Electronics. We don’t expect you to go without your weekly Downtown Abbey fix, but when you’re done with your television, hide it in a cabinet, behind a screen or in a closet. Basically, get it out of eyesight. You’ll feel calmer, trust us. TVs aren’t the only killer of serenity – alarm clocks, kitchen gadgets and computers should all be moved out of sight when not in use. Also, try to avoid using any electronics during the hour before you go to bed. It can actually disrupt your sleep cycle!

Protect Your Sole. Hardwood floors are beautiful and certainly add value to your house. But, stepping on a freezing-cold floor first thing in the morning is a quick way to ruin your Zen vibe. Start your day off on the right foot by filling your home with soft rugs and carpets. That way, you can’t blame the linoleum floor in the bathroom for your crabby mood. Just be sure to keep your carpets clean and dust-mite free – allergies don’t lead to enlightenment!


Photo 3: West Elm

Don’t Overdo It.  A few art pieces here and there can add personality to a “blah” room, but if your entire wall is covered with frames, you may have crossed the tasteful decorating line. Fight the urge to cover every wall with your kid’s school pictures and Aunt Thelma’s Christmas cards – any Zen master will tell you that it’s best to go minimalist. If you can’t shake the need to hang wall art, at least make sure it’s up there properly.

Keep It Cool. We’re not promoting an Inuit-influenced lifestyle, but next time you set your thermostat in your bedroom, go a few notches below your normal temp. Not only will you save money in the long run, you’ll be able to toss your sleep aids out the window. Your body will fall asleep quicker in cooler air because when you go to sleep, your “set point” – the temperature your brain needs to reach before going to sleep – goes down. If your room is too hot, you’ll have a harder time reaching this point and falling asleep.

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