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2X4: Four Ways To Use Fruit Rinds

Save your citrus peels! Use fruit rinds to grow seeds, shine metal and even add flavor to your favorite cocktails. Here are four of our favorite ways to reuse your rinds:


Photo: Rose & Grey

Infuse Vodka. If your libation of choice is a Bloody Mary or Martini, why not mix it up by infusing your vodka? Your beloved liquor will have a subtle flavor, which will add a twist to any classic cocktail. To infuse your vodka, roughly chop your fruit rinds and then add them to a large container with 750 mL of vodka. Let the mixture steep in a dark place at room temperature for about one week. When you’re ready to drink the vodka, pour it through a mesh strainer to catch the rind. Enjoy!

Clean Glass. Instead of spraying your windows and mirrors with toxic glass cleaner, use a citrus rind! Boil orange, lime and lemon rinds, and then use the scalding hot water to wash your glass. The natural cleaning agent found in citrus boils into the water, and then shines your windows and mirrors (even better than vinegar). We recommend using coffee filters to clean the mirror, but a soft cloth works, too. Dip your coffee filter, paper towel or soft cloth into the mixture and wring it out thoroughly. Enjoy your streak-free shine! To learn more about cleaning windows, read: Inspect & Maintain Your Windows.


Photo: BODIE and FOU

Polish Metal. Polish your tools, sinks, faucets and pots with lemon peels! Cut your peel into large slices, and use it like a sponge to thoroughly clean your metal. Scrub it until it shines, and then just toss the peel. The lemon oil (the actual cleaning agent) will seep out of the lemon peel and into the metal. Plus, the soft rind won’t scratch your metal like other cleaning tools! For more cleaning tips, read: Care for Your Pots and Pans.

Plant Seedlings. Start your seedlings inside for stronger plants, earlier blooms and a longer growing season! Cut your citrus in half, and thoroughly clean the fruit out of the center. You only need the peel as a planter. Drill a small hole in the bottom of the citrus with an ice pick for drainage, and then plant your seeds according to the package’s instructions. Bonus: When it’s time to plant, you can put the peel in the ground along with the seedling!

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