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2X4: Four Ways to Stop Losing Your Keys

If you find yourself going on a daily search-and-rescue mission for your keys, it may be time to get more organized. Whether it’s a fancy-schmancy store-bought gizmo or a simple bowl from your kitchen, there are plenty of easy ways to keep better track of your keys. Here are four of our favorite ideas:


Photos: WestNest | EtsyFelix Grauer

Bring the Outdoors In. If you love to decorate with outdoor elements, then why stop with home décor? Hook your keys onto these colorful antlers for a trendy and functional organization option. For more tips on decorating with natural elements, read this post on faux antlers.

Use Children’s Toys. Who says there’s an age when Legos are no longer appropriate? If you’re a kid at heart (or have kids at home), use your Legos for more than just castle building. Check out this brilliant Lego key holder dreamed up by Felix Grauer. 


Photos: RchristopherDesigns / AquaMarineDream

Have a One-Stop Shop. If keys aren’t the only thing you have trouble keeping track of, think about adding this chalkboard mail organizer to your décor. Take notes, make lists and store important papers and keys all in one place!

Borrow From the Kitchen. If you’re looking for a simple organization option, grab an infrequently-used piece of tableware and put it to work in your entryway! Cups and bowls are great for holding keys. Habits take about a month to form, so make a point to drop them there every day until it sticks! 

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