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2x4: Four Ways to Not Kill Your Plants

Growing a few plants inside your home will keep you healthy and pull a room together, but only if they’re alive! Unless you’ve been blessed with a green thumb, this may be easier said than done. Here are four ways to keep your indoor plants from going six-feet under:

Photo 2: West Elm

Choose the right pot. Plants are like toddlers – if you do everything right, they’re going to outgrow their clothes. In your new houseplant’s case, the pot will eventually become too small for its roots. To test whether or not your plant fits the pot, wiggle it out of its current home. If the roots are wrapping around the interior of the pot or poking out of the root ball, it’s time to repot! Choose a pot that’s slightly larger than the root ball so your plant has plenty of room. Make sure the pot has large drainage holes, and follow the plant’s specific repotting needs as you add more soil!

Make a plant nanny. Eventually, there will come a day when you’ll have to leave your plant alone for more than a day or two. Make sure your plant is getting the water it needs with a wine-bottle plant nanny! The next time you enjoy a nice bottle of wine, hold on to the cork. Then, drill a small hole through your cork from top to bottom. Fill your wine bottle up with water, re-cork it, and you’ve got yourself a plant nanny! Simply stick the wine bottle upside down in your plant’s soil. It’ll have enough water for a two-week adventure!

Photo 4: ABJglassworks | Etsy

Keep it humid. Most plants like it hot and humid (think rainforest). If you don’t live in the hot, sticky Southeast, then you may want to help your plant out a bit. To make up for low humidity, place a shallow pan filled with gravel underneath your plant and add a little bit of water. As the water evaporates, it will increase the humidity around your plant! If you live in an extremely dry climate (we’re looking at you, Colorado), you may want to consider using a humidifier.

Test out the light. Plants are sort of like Goldielocks with their light, and if they don’t get the perfect amount, they won’t be satisfied! Be prepared to test out different windows and even different rooms if one spot isn’t making your plant happy. Keep in mind that a southern exposure will generally provide the most light for your plant unless there’s a large tree of some other obstruction causing problems. Note: If a plant is abruptly moved from a low-light situation to a high-light situation, the leaves will burn. Be careful when you move your plant!

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