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2X4: Four Ways To Freshen Your Bathroom

The average person spends three years of their life sitting on the toilet, so it’s worth the time to add a candle or shine your mirror to ensure you enjoy your time in the throne room. Here are four ways to dress up your bathroom:

Photo: Oh Sudz | Etsy

1) Shine Your Mirror. For a perfect reflection, make sure your mirror is spot-free and shiny. All you need are five minutes and two tablespoons of a common kitchen product: White vinegar. We recommend using coffee filters to clean the mirror, but a soft cloth works, too. For specific instructions, read: Mirror, Mirror On The Wall: Are You The Cleanest Of Them All?

2) Remove Soap Scum. Have you noticed a hard-to-fight white milky substance in your shower? Have your red tiles taken a pinkish turn? Then you, my friend, have soap scum. You’re not alone. Every person who enjoys a steamy shower or relaxing bath builds a bit of soap scum along the way. Don’t panic! This mixture of mildew, mineral deposits, hard water, soap talc and body oils can be easily cleaned with lemon juice or white vinegar. Read Be A Soap Scum Ninja! for more scum-fighting tricks (black belt not required).

3) Make Bath Salts. Nothing is more relaxing than a bubble-filled bath. Instead of buying expensive salts, make your own with this recipe from Oh My! Handmade. All it takes is five minutes and five ingredients, plus you’ll have complete fragrance freedom. Try peppermint for a pick-me-up, or rosewood and patchouli for a romantic combination. Lavender will sooth and relax you, while lime oil will give you a burst of citrus that’s perfect for summer evening soaks.

4) Decorate With DIY Candles. Whether you’re trying to disguise a long trip to the toilet or relax after a long day of work, candles are never a bad idea in the bathroom. Anyone who has a stove can make a candle! Collect your own candle supplies or buy a bundled kit at your local arts supply store. If you’re gunning for a country cool look, use mason jars to make a candle. Or, if nautical decor is more your style, make a candle in an old seashell. You have complete control! For detailed instructions, visit: Something Turquoise.

Here are some more ways to freshen up your bathroom:

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