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2X4: Four Ways to Decorate Your House Like Downton Abbey

The Crawley’s drama may have ended on Sunday (don’t worry, no spoilers here), but that doesn’t mean British sensibility has to leave your house! Here are four pieces of British décor that will help keep the manor-house magic alive.


Photo: GloryBDesign | Etsy / CaprockVintage | Etsy

Stack Old Trunks. They may not have had the luxury of jet-travel and bullet trains, but the Crawleys did their fair-share of travel. And to keep their elegant belongings organized on their jaunts back-and-forth from London, they used large trunks. Recreate the iconic look by scavenging your local flea market for a few trunks of your own. Stack them up and use them as a table or simply as a decorative way to fill a nook.

Use Tea Sets. Who doesn’t love hot beverages and finger foods? We say it’s high time the United States adopted high tea. If you’re ready to bring tea time into your daily routine, do it the right way with a proper tea set. A true gentleman or lady knows that tea sipped out of a coffee mug just doesn’t taste as sweet, so be sure you’re using a pot and your cup has a saucer! Bonus points if your set is made from plated silver – that was an Edwardian favorite!


Photos: GallymoggerOddities | Etsy / WallStarGraphics | Etsy

Display Family Crests. Few items create an air of dignity and authority in the home quite like a family crest. Not from Britain? No problem! The look still works with crests from the other countries (we love you Ireland, Scotland and Wales). No family crest at all? Still no problem! Try a “modern” crest or, if you’re a fan of futbol, invest in some paraphernalia from your favorite team and hang it with pride!

Add Damask Wallpaper. If you haven’t heard of Damask wallpaper, that’s probably because it was trendy at the turn of the century. The 20th century. This intricate pattern – known for its bright colors and silver or gold thread – was a must-have for the well-to-do in the UK. Take a page out of their book and add some richness to a room with a little wallpapering. If a room full of damask patterns sounds like a little too much, we recommend only adding it to one wall. You’ll get the same regal effect without any of the busyness!

More inspiration: 

Photo: OfAllTheFishVintage | Etsy

Photo: graceandivy | Etsy

Photo: violetdart | Etsy

Photo: TheVintageCakeStand | Etsy

Photo: Wall Slicks

Photo: 505Vintage | Etsy

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