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2X4: Four Rockin’ Fake Christmas Trees

A spruce tree in the house may smell great, but it's a lot of work! Between the mountains of needles and the endless watering, sometimes it’s better to just go faux. Get a little crazy this year with one of these offbeat Christmas tree alternatives:


Photo2: cardboardchristmas / LeoLittleLion | Etsy

Cardboard. If you love lights and ornaments but hate the cleanup process of a real Christmas tree, this cardboard option might be the answer. It’s all of the sparkle with none of the cleanup, plus it’s eco-friendly and made from 100% recycled cardboard. If you decide to go this route, remember that cardboard is pretty freaking flammable, so practice fire safety. To purchase your cardboard tree, visit the cardboardchristmas shop.

Decal. There’s no easier way to decorate for Christmas than to use decals. You literally just have to peel, stick and enjoy. Once the holidays are over, use your hair dryer to get your festive decal off of the wall. Starting with a corner, set your dryer to high and apply direct heat over the surface. Be patient. When the sticker feels warm, gently lift the edge. Move the hair dryer slowly over the sticker or decal section-by-section, peeling as you go. Continue doing this until the entire tree is removed. To check out some tree-decal options, visit the LeoLittleLion shop.


Photo 3: Art of Doing Stuff

Twigs. Perfectly straight sticks are hard to come by, but if you manage to find a bunch, turn them into a makeshift tree! Place your branches on the wall and roll them until they’re relatively flush against the surface. You can either use removable tape tabs to adhere your twigs to the wall, or any other sort of sticky tape (avoid glue, it doesn’t come off easily). Then stick on a few ornaments and bam! Fake tree. For more detailed instructions and pictures to boot, visit the Art of Doing Stuff.

Lights. It’s all about the lights. For a low-budget, high-impact tree, simply tack a strand (or two) of lights on your wall. Arrange your lights in any shape or size, and plug them in for an instant, glowing tree. If you want to single-strand the project, just outline the perimeter of a tree. If it’s all about the lights for you, weave multiple strands in and out like A Merry Mishap to create a more ornate pattern.

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