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2X4: Four Kitchen Gadgets You Should Never Buy

Top chefs say that all you need to succeed in the kitchen is a good knife and a few pots and pans. Yet, checkout aisles everywhere are filled with gadgets just begging to be bought. They’re not worth it! Think twice before buying any of these items as a last-minute gift for the foodie in your life:


Garlic Peeler. A garlic peeler is literally a hollow tube meant to peel the skin off garlic cloves so that you don’t end up with garlic-scented hands. Which we totally get – it’s tough to get rid of that earthy aroma. But really, all you need are two bowls. Press down on the head of the garlic to open it up, then put it in a bowl. Place the second bowl on top of the first bowl and shake. You’ll have clean, peeled bulbs in about two minutes, all without garlic-covered hands! 

Egg Slicer. How often does someone really need uniformly sliced eggs? Unless you work at a restaurant that specializes in Cobb salads, the answer is probably “rarely-to-never.” That means that an old-fashioned knife works just as well. If you’re a little OCD about your eggs, try devoting some serious time to your knife-precision skills. You’ll be dicing perfect egg slices in no time.


Electric Can Opener. What’s the most bacteria-ridden object in your kitchen? Well, it’s probably your sponge, but your electric can opener is a close second. Those tiny crevices are really difficult to clean, and bacteria love to hang out there. That means that every time you’re opening a new can, you’re covering the rim with a fresh layer of bacteria. Instead of springing for this expensive gadget, use a handheld can opener that can be easily tossed into the dishwasher!

Pasta Measurer. A pasta measurer is a $12 metal tube that looks like a napkin ring and is supposed to tell you how much to use per serving. We take issue with this. First, who are these pasta-measurer makers to tell you what a decent portion is? Maybe you really love spaghetti. Second, it’s a complete waste of money. To measure your pasta servings, all you need to do is eyeball a handful of pasta and throw it in boiling water. Boom. Done. The worst thing that could happen is you have some leftovers. 

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