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2X4: Four Household Uses for Pantyhose

Pantyhose made a fashion comeback last year (thanks, Kate Middleton), so we’re guessing you have a pair or two in your sock drawer. If they aren’t spending a ton of time on your legs, you can use them around the house, instead! Here are four of our favorite household uses for pantyhose:


Store Onions.The next time you come back from the grocery store with a bag of onions, reach for some pantyhose, not the fridge! Onions need to be kept in a dry environment – a refrigerator is too damp for them to develop a protective layer of papery skin. Onions will also spoil faster if they’re stored without air circulation. So, clip off a pantyhose leg, fill it with onions and hang it up in your pantry. They’ll get plenty of air and you’ll stay more organized!

Stop Clogged Nozzles. Picture this: you’ve made some awesome eco-friendly cleaners but hate using them because of sticky spray bottles. Instead of dealing with a clogged bottle, prevent the problem with pantyhose. Cover the open end of the nozzle with a small square of pantyhose held in place with a rubber band. After every cleaning adventure, replace the pantyhose square. This will keep sticky residue from building up and ruining your spray bottle.


Melt Ice Dams. Snow and ice may be beautiful, but they can cause some serious damage to your house. If your roof has been covered in snow for an extended period of time, your gutters can become clogged with ice (also known as an ice dam). For a short-term fix, fill a pantyhose leg with ice melt (available at any hardware store) and knot it. Lay the panty hose on your roof so that it crosses the ice dam and then let the salt do its thing. Eventually, it will melt through the ice and create a channel for water to escape (this may take several days). Remember: This is only a short-term solution! To permanently repair any roof damage, and prevent ice dams in the future, contact a professional.

Clean Hairbrushes. A hairbrush that’s so full of locks it looks like the floor of a hair salon is unsightly and, worse, unhygienic. Avoid this problem by stretching a piece of pantyhose over and around the bristles of a new or clean brush. When your brush needs to be cleaned, simply lift up and remove the pantyhose – all of the hair will come off, too! Toss the mess and then replace it with another piece of pantyhose.

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