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BrightNest's mission is to make homeowners happy.

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2X4: Four Fast Ways to Upgrade Your Bathroom

Want an upgraded bathroom but don’t feel like undertaking a massive retiling project? No problem, there are plenty of simpler ways to give your bathroom a makeover! Try one of these fast, easy bathroom updates:

Photo 1:  Reese Kistel

DIY Teacup Candles. While it’s true that any candles will spice up your bathroom, these DIY teacup candles will match your new cotton ball-filled bowls, so it’s worth the extra craft-effort. You’ll need: Vintage teacups, candle wax flakes, wooden kabob skewer sticks, scotch tape and sharp scissors. For a full tutorial, visit Reese Kistel. They’re so easy and inexpensive that once you’ve made one, you’ll be a master teacup candle maker. Guess what Grandma is getting for Christmas this year?

New Shelves. Picture your toilet. Now picture how much unused, empty space is above it. That’s prime real estate! Don’t let that primo spot go vacant, especially if you could use a little more storage. Grab a few shelves at your local hardware store and start organizing your magazines, toiletries and towels. Candles are never a bad idea, either – just make sure to practice smart fire safety and blow them out when you leave the room!

Photo 4: Brown Button

Small Fixtures. So maybe your drawer isn’t broken, but if it’s starting to bore you with its beigeness, spice it up with a stylish new doorknob. Modern knobs are anything but ho-hum. You’ll see as many patterns, colors and shapes in the hardware aisle these days as at the fabric shop, and we think that’s a very good thing! Don’t stop with knobs – grab a screwdriver and a hammer and change out your towel rack and showerhead, too. Your bathroom will feel brand new!

Cups and Bowls. If you have hair ties, brushes, cotton balls or other random toiletries lying around your bathroom, it might be time to reel it in and get organized. Grab some infrequently-used tableware and put it to use in the bathroom! Cups and bowls make great accessory holders, especially if they aren’t being used very often in your kitchen! Plus, it doesn’t take much to make a bowl look nice. This is a low-effort, high-reward way to organize.

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