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BrightNest's mission is to make homeowners happy.

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Do you have a washing machine?


2X4: Four Easy Ways To Go Green

Happy World Environment Day! We all know it’s important to be green, but did you also know it can be easy? Bonus: These changes will save you money, too!

Switch To CFLs. They’re bright, stylish and will save you money! Yes, CFLs have a slightly higher purchase price, but they only use one-fifth of the power and last up to ten times longer than your current light bulb. Plus, these new bulbs give you design options that don’t exist with standard light bulbs. Want a red, warm light to match your grey walls? No problem! To learn more about the design implications of CFL light bulbs, read: Design Implications of CFLs.

Make A Compost Bin. Yard trimmings and food waste make up 27% of the solid waste stream in the United States! Instead of adding to the landfill, make a compost bin. The mix you make of fruits, vegetables, coffee grounds and other leftover food scraps will help make your garden lush and improve its soil structure and water retention. Bonus: You’ll save money on fertilizer! To learn how to make your own compost bin in a few short steps, read: Make A Compost Bin.

Reduce Junk Mail. Every year, the average household gets nearly 800 pieces of junk mail. To stop the never-ending stream of snail mail spam, just take a picture with PaperKarma! PaperKarma is a mobile app designed by two Microsoft guys to help you easily unsubscribe from the junk mail of your choosing. Simply use the PaperKarma App to snap a picture of the offending catalog or mailer and within 24 hours they will unsubscribe you from the spammer’s distribution list. Check out Reduce Junk Mail In A Snap With PaperKarma to learn more about the free iPhone and Android app.

Wash Clothes in Cold Water. Up to 90% of the energy used while doing laundry comes from the fuel used to run your water heater, rather than the electricity needed to run the machine. So, wash with cold water instead! Bonus: It also saves the average family around $63 on their electric bills. If you’re curious just how much your family will save, try Seventh Generation’s Calculator. For more ways to save money in the laundry room, read: Save Money on Laundry.

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