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2X4: Four Creative Wrapping Paper Ideas

You took the trouble to pick out perfect gifts for your family, so take the time to make sure they don’t blend into the pile with ho-hum wrapping paper. These DIY options will ensure that your presents make a great first impression:

Photos: Nashville Wraps / Smile and Wave

Go Chalkboard. If you love all things chalkboard, it’s easy to have all of the look with none of the chaulky mess. Simply purchase black paper like this Kraft Shadow Stripe from Nashville Wraps. Then, write your message directly on the paper with a chalk marker. If you want to get fancy, doodle an image on your black paper in pencil first, and then trace it with your chalk marker. Once the ink is dry, you can erase your pencil marks. Don’t worry if your lettering doesn’t look perfect – that’s part of the charm!

Make Pom-Poms. Everything looks better with a pom-pom glued to it. Seriously. To recreate CafeMom’s colorful look, first wrap your gifts in basic kraft paper. Tightly wrap yarn around your present so that it mimics ribbon, and then hot glue a pom-pom to the top of the gift. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can make your own with this pom-pom maker. If you’re not the crafty type, we bet that nobody will notice if your poms are store-bought!

Photos: How About Orange / lovepaperlove | Etsy

Use Paint Swatches. If you’ve recently painted a room, you probably have more than a few swatches lying around the house. Put them to good use and add some color to your gift pile. You’ll need: Paint swatches, double-stick tape, an X-Acto knife, a ruler and a cutting mat. Using this template, cut your swatches into the right shape with your X-Acto knife and then assemble your boxes. For more detailed instructions, check out How About Orange.

Buy a Kit. Impressive gift-wrap doesn’t have to take a lot of time and effort! Put the creativity in an expert’s hands and check out the pre-packaged “DIY” wrapping kits on Etsy. Kits from shops like lovepaperlove and ToodlesNoodles include everything you need for uniquely wrapped gifts – things like paper, string and polka dot stickers. For around $15, you’ll have your wrapping needs delivered straight to your door. Once they arrive, it only takes a few minutes to put everything together.

More unique gift wrapping ideas:

Photo: LEFTright | Etsy

Photo: Sea Urchin Studio

Photo: SarahLindstrom | Etsy

Photo: ToodlesNoodles | Etsy

Photo: LEFTright | Etsy

Photo:  OhHelloMagpie | Etsy

Photo: bloomsintheair

Photo: ToodlesNoodles | Etsy

Photo: LEFTright | Etsy

Photo: poisonpear | Etsy

Photo: ToodlesNoodes | Etsy

Photo: justb Australia

Photo: LEFTright | Etsy

Photo: bloomsintheair | Etsy

Photo: ToodlesNoodles | Etsy

Photo: Hey Look

Photo: SupplyHouse27

Photo: ToodlesNoodles | Etsy

Photo: bloomsintheair | Etsy

Photo: A Little Slice Of

Photo: ToodlesNoodles | Etsy

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