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2X4: Four Creative Ways to Display Photos

Smartphones and digital cameras make it easy to take a bajillion photos of your favorite things, but what happens when you want to share them in 3D? Display your amazing shots and add some personality to your home with one of these creative ideas:


Photos: alwaysmaybevintage | Etsy / Derma by Danielle | Etsy

Reuse Old Items. Give unwanted “junk” a new lease on life by turning it into a unique photo display. Before you toss out a flat bicycle tire or an old shutter, see how it fits in with your living room décor. If you go the bicycle wheel route, tack your photos onto the hub or slip them in-between the spokes. If your bicycle is still going strong, or two-wheeled transportation just isn’t your thing, buy a photo-ready wheel from alwaysmaybevintage.

Upcycle Pallets. Pallet thisPallet that. You’ve probably seen pallet projects before, but this versatile trend isn’t going away anytime soon! We totally get it – they’re beautiful, they’re abundant and they’re cheap. To find free pallets to display photographs, simply call your local garden supply shop or any store that carries large equipment. Before you dive headfirst into this trend, brush up on our health and safety concerns. If you’re comfortable with pallets in your home, tack ‘em up and then use them as shelves.


Photos: West Elm /  traceytomtenephoto | Etsy

Lean Your Art. If you’ve taken the time to frame your photos, consider leaning them against a shelf or along the floor for a unique look. Leaned photos look best with additional visual interest, so put mirrors, art pieces and photos in one place to make the most of this idea. Leaned photos are more than just a fun look – they’re also functional because they can hide ugly wall outlets or cords!

Create Photo Overlays. Instead of taking the traditional road and hanging your photos, create photo overlays. All you need for this project (aside from the photos) is some scrap wood, gel medium and Mod Podge. Print your photo on regular printer paper and then cover your wood with the gel. Quickly place your photo picture side down (make sure to firmly smooth out any bubbles). Let it dry overnight and then wet the back of the photo with a moist cloth. The wet paper will rub right off! Once the paper is completely removed, cover the wood with Mod Podge and set it aside to dry. You’re done. Tip: These make great gifts and Valentine’s Day is coming up!

Here are a few more ways to display photos: 

Photo: PatrickLajoie | Etsy

Photo: traceytomtenephoto | Etsy

Photo: AccentsByAustin | Etsy

Photo: EricZippeImagemaker | Etsy

Photo: CaliLandChicDesigns | Etsy

Photo: TraceyCapone | Etsy

Photo: TraceyCapone | Etsy

Photo: moonspiralz | Etsy

Photo: ChantillyLaceMarket | Etsy

Photo: traceytomtenephoto | Etsy

Photo: MemoryScapes | Etsy

Photo: MishMashMoxie | Etsy

Photo: BellowsandBulb | Etsy

Photo: littleputbooks | Etsy

Photo: Moonspiralz | Etsy

Photo: ArtNellie | Etsy

Photo: Justahobbii | Etsy

Photo: HeyHarriet | Etsy

Photo: littleputbooks | Etsy

Photo: BellowsandBulb | Etsy

Photo: Patrick Lajoie | Etsy

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