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BrightNest's mission is to make homeowners happy.

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Do you have a washing machine?


2X4: Four Clever Ways to Use Paintbrushes

Is your kid a wanna-be Picasso? Are you? If paint projects are popular in your house, you can put those paintbrushes to work between masterpieces, too! Give them a quick boil to clean them, and then put them to good use:


Photo 1: West Elm

Clean Windowsills. When your air conditioner or furnace is working on full-blast, it’s sending more than just air around your house. Dust particles fly around and settle in corners and nooks like your windowsills. To keep the hard-to-reach parts of your sills dust-free, use a paintbrush with a long handle. Think of it like your magic wand – you’re Expelliarmus-ing allergy and sinus problems caused by dust! 

Apply Stain Remover. The most delicious things in life are messy – barbeque, honey and fondue, to name a few. That’s what washing machines are for! If mustard shot out of your hot dog and onto your shirt during lunch the other day, liberally apply stain remover to the stain with a paintbrush. You’ll be able to hone in on the problem area and keep the liquid mess to a minimum. Once your stain-remover has set, run your garment through the longest cold cycle you can (using hot water will only set the stain).


Photos: Rejuvenation / Cook Smarts

Dust Light Fixtures. They may be beautiful, but delicate light fixtures are a pain in the you-know-what to clean. So they usually get passed over on the old cleaning checklist. Good news! You can easily clean your dust-covered light fixture with a paintbrush. The smaller the brush, the more detailed you can be when cleaning your light fixture. Be afraid, nook- and cranny-dust. Be very afraid.

Spread Sauces. What’s a steak without marinade? Make sure you never have to find out by designating a kitchen-only paintbrush. That way, anytime you want to glaze a salmon, marinate a steak or ice cinnamon rolls, you’ll have the perfect tool on hand. Try your new glazing tool on this delicious barbeque baked salmon recipe by Cook Smarts.

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