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BrightNest's mission is to make homeowners happy.

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2X4: Four Better Ways to Use Alcohol

No, a liquor store run isn’t required for these tips. We’re talking about rubbing alcohol! It may not make a great cocktail, but this liquid is awesome for disinfecting and degreasing things around the house. Here are four of our favorite uses for rubbing alcohol:

Defrost Icy Windows. If winter is frosting up your windows, defrost them with rubbing alcohol! Simply pouring rubbing alcohol onto the glacial windows will dissolve the ice immediately. This trick is especially handy if you drive to work on cold mornings. Just keep a bottle of rubbing alcohol in your trunk, and douse your window before starting your commute. You’ll cut your defrost time down to (almost) zero!

Disinfect a Keyboard. We’re guessing that your laptop, smartphone and tablet see a lot of action, but how often do you clean them? To protect yourself from cold germs floating around this time of year, give your electronics a good clean with rubbing alcohol every few weeks. All you need is a Q-tip soaked in alcohol, which will fit in the hard-to-clean nooks of your keyboard. Just be sure to power down your electronic equipment first!

Photo 4: Rejuvenation

Degrease the Stove. If your stove has paid the price for your family’s love of bacon, give it a little grease-fighting TLC. Generously pour rubbing alcohol onto your stove and rub the grease away with a soft cloth or paper towel. Rubbing alcohol dries almost immediately, so be quick! If there are still a few stubborn grease spots left standing, repeat the process. This cleaning agent doesn’t release any dangerous fumes into the air and is super cheap, so there’s no need to hold back! 

Do Away With Hairspray. A spritz or two of hairspray is essential to your ‘do, but it’s not as useful on your mirror. In fact, each spray adds a layer of film to your mirror, which decreases reflection clarity. If you’re not a fan of that blurry image looking back at you in the morning, put some rubbing alcohol onto a soft cloth or coffee filter and give your mirror a good scrub. There’s no need to rinse it with water afterwards because rubbing alcohol evaporates quickly.

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