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2x4: Calling All Bookworms: Four Ways to Decorate with Tomes

If you’re a self-proclaimed bookworm, paperback junkie or literary genius, we’re guessing you have a book or two lying around your home. Instead of hiding them away on a shelf, use your favorite novels as décor pieces! Here are four of our favorite ways to decorate with tomes:

Photo 2: bookBW | Etsy

DIY Animal Bookends. The easiest way to make your books look like art is to surround them with attractive pieces! These bookends are impressive and super easy to make. Grab a few plastic animals, glue ‘em down and then spray paint them up! We love these so much, we’re actually doing them ourselves next week. Stay tuned for detailed instructions!

Decorate with Pages. If you like to reread your favorite novels, this project isn’t for you. But if you can bear to part with a few pages, tear them out and fold them into beautiful shapes. Even if your origami skills are a little rusty, and your shapes are more “plain square” than “beautiful flower,” they’ll still look nice! If you really can’t stand the idea of tearing a beloved book apart, buy these impressive pieces from bookBW.

Color Block Your Shelf. Who knew bookshelves could follow fashion trends? Put your blue and gray-spined books on one shelf, reds and pinks on another and white-spined tomes in a place all their own. Next thing you know, your bookshelf is color blocked! The more books you have, the better this décor move looks. Don’t feel obligated to only use hardback books – paperbacks add texture and visual interest to the shelf!

Turn ‘Em Into a Table. Show off your literary tastes and give your guests a place to set their drinks by stacking a few books into a funky couch- or bed-side table. If you don’t have enough books to reach the top of your chairs, cheat the system by starting the stack on a basket or small stool. We suggest this method because a super-tall stack of books is a spilled water glass waiting to happen! 

Here are a few more ways to decorate with tomes: 

Photo: OldAndCold | Etsy

Photo: StayGoldMedia | Etsy

Photo: Able + Baker

Photo: OldAndCold | Etsy

Photo: StayGoldMedia | Etsy

Photo: NaturallyHeartfelt | Etsy

Photo: PaperPolaroid | Etsy

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