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21 New Uses for Baby Powder




Don’t have any baby powder at home? Here are 21 opportunities you’re missing:

1. Prevent Blisters

A layer of baby powder on your feet before you put socks on will keep your soles dry and prevent blister-causing friction.

2. Cool Your Sheets On a Hot Night

A light sprinkle of baby powder on your sheets will absorb sweat and keep you cool until morning.

3. Repel Ants

Sprinkling baby powder around your doorways and windows will keep those suckers out of your house.

4. Use Baby Powder as a Makeup base

Apply a dusting of baby powder (just enough so you can’t see it) to your face before you apply your makeup and you won't have to reapply your lipstick all day. It will even plump up your eyelashes if you apply it under mascara.

5. Fix Squeaky Wood Floors

Sprinkle baby powder into the cracks of squeaky wood floors. You want to fill the crack to the top and then you can sweep away any excess so your guests don’t know the difference.

6. Dry Shampoo for Pets

Cover your pup in a layer of baby powder and give her a good brushing until the powder has absorbed the sweat. No emotionally-scarring shower sessions needed.

7. Remove Grease Stains

If you spill olive oil or any other greasy thang that won’t quit, sprinkle some baby powder on the stain to absorb the grease.

8. Freshen Your Antique Furniture

Baby powder is a great way to absorb that musty smell in the drawers of antique dressers. You can leave a dusting on the bottom of the drawers and refill as normal.

Pro Tip: If you don’t like the smell of baby powder you can use essential oils to change the smell. It takes 10-15 drops of essential oils per half cup.

9. Use it as an Aftershave

Baby powder works as an aftershave for both men and women. The natural cooling property will alleviate irritation. This is especially recommended for people with sensitive skin.

10. Remove Sand

The baby powder will absorb the moisture that is keeping the sand attached to skin or fabric. Sprinkle a layer of baby powder over the sand and easily wipe it away, then vacuum or sweep as normal.

11. Try it as a Deodorant

Baby powder has natural cooling agents and absorbs moisture, that’s why it’s a great deodorant alternative if you don’t sweat that much.

12. Baby Powder Prevents Chafing

You don’t need all that expensive, anti-chafe running gear. You just need a layer of baby powder to stop the chafe.

13. Untangle a Necklace

Sprinkle baby powder on a tangled necklace chain to loosen the knots.

14. Slip into Shoes with Swollen Feet

Drying your skin with baby powder will help you slip into shoes, or a dress that might just not fit today.

15. Pre-Treat Your Flower Bulbs

Add 3 tablespoons of baby powder to a Ziploc bag per every 5 or 6 flower bulbs. Shake the bulbs around and remove to plant. Pre-treating the bulbs with baby powder will help prevent pest invasion and rot.

16. Keep Pool Inflatables from Sticking

Evenly apply baby powder on pool inflatables before you fold them up to  prevent rips when you break them apart next summer.

17. Become an At-Home Waxing Warrior

If you’re brave enough to wax yourself, you are officially the baddest babe/bro around. If you’ve been scared to try, put a layer of baby powder on your skin between you and the wax to absorb moisture and help the wax attach to each hair follicle.

18. Stave Off Breakouts

Applying a layer of baby powder to your face will absorb face oils and shrink pimples. We suggest applying a layer that makes you look like a ghost an hour or so before bed. Be sure to wash and moisturize your face before sleep.

19. Kill Bed Bugs

If bed bugs walk through baby powder, those suckers die.

20. Cool the Itch

If you have any sort of rash like poison ivy or bug bites, you can sprinkle a layer of baby powder on your skin. The cooling agent will help calm rash.

Important: Never put baby powder on an open wound.

21. De-Stink Your Shoes

Put a thin layer of baby powder on the insole of your shows to absorb grease and smell. No need to rub it in, just continue wearing your shoes as normal.

Note: Some of our users have pointed out the risks of inhaling talcum powder. If you're using talcum on a consistent basis at home, it's best to wear a mask to prevent inhalation. If you have asthma, or live with someone who does, these tips might not be for you. 

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