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21 Halloween Decor DIYs: Ghouls, Goblins, Ghosts and More



Amy Thomson

Are you preparing to have the best-dressed house on Halloween? We hope so! That’s why we put together this list of some of our favorite DIY Halloween decorations from some of the best bloggers out there. Pick your favorite (or favorites) and get decorating!

1. Gourds Gone Ghosts

Image Credit & More Details: House of Hawthornes

Here’s another way to snazz up your front porch without carving a big pumpkin mess on your lawn. These are gourds spraypainted white with eyes drawn in, garnished with cheese cloth.

2. Bat Invasion Decor

Image Credit & More Details: Dana Made It

These easy stencils are a great way to bring a colony of bats inside or outside of your house to remind everyone that Halloween is coming.

3. Hanging Ghosts

Image Credit & More Details: Simply Designing

You can get all the materials you need for these hanging ghosts at the craft store for less than $10. Add some pizzazz to your front porch for Halloween and, if you’re feeling crazy, then leave them up until Santa comes in honor of A Nightmare Before Christmas.

4. Trash Bag Spiderweb Decor for Your Wall

Image Credit & More Details: How About Orange

This is one of those ideas that you kick yourself for not coming up with on your own! You can make massive, scary spider webs out of XL trash bags (it costs $13 for 90 of them) and hang them anywhere in your house.

5. Halloween Lantern Jugs

Image Credit & More Details: Eighteen25

All you need to make these adorable Halloween lanterns are a few old milk jugs, a permanent marker, craft knife and some Christmas lights.

6. New Ways to Decorate Halloween Skulls

Image Credit & More Details: A Beautiful Mess

If you prefer more of a Día de los Muertos vibe, this one’s for you. Get creative with a craft day and follow these skulltastic instructions or break the chain and make up your own skull embellishments.

7. Climbing Skeletons Outdoor Decoration

Image Credit & More Details: McKeePhoto via Instructables

These awesome climbing skeletons are a unique outdoor decoration that don’t require much crafting. The only crux is you can’t be afraid of heights to strut these bones on your shingles.

8. Magnetic Spider Wall Infestation

Image Credit & More Details: Delia Creates

Arachnophobia is real. If you’re looking to put some true fear into your spidey-scared guests, we would recommend adding your spider infestation somewhere less expected like the bathroom or inside the cup cabinet.

9. Creepy Ghosts

Image Credit & More Details: Ashbee Design

These cheesecloth ghosts are a good size to be featured on your fireplace, as a centerpiece, or by your front door. Head over to Ashbee Design’s for full instructions.

10. Simple, 3-Ingredient Slime

Image Credit & More Details: Little Bins for Little Hands

Nothing says Halloween like a big mess of gooey slime all over the counter. But really, we recommend letting loose and making some slime in honor of Ghouls Day.

11. Scary Severed Head

Image Credit & More Details: Consumer Crafts

This is the ultimate Halloween DIY to convince your friends that you actually could work on a movie set. I mean seriously, this thing could scare Beetlejuice, himself. Lucky for you, it’s not that difficult either. With some basic supplies and a few hours you can have this severed head up and scaring in no time.

12. Easy Peasy Printable Halloween Labels

Image Credit & More Details: How About Orange

This is a super simple way to jazz up appetizers at a party or play a prank on your housemates with containers in the fridge. 

13. Frankenstein Door

Image Credit: East Coast Creative Blog and Mel Designs

Call yourself Edward Scissor Hands and get to snippin’ on this simple and fun project. With some leftover black felt and white paper, this Frankenstein door looks amazing.

14. Walking Dead Hershel’s Barn Replica

Image Credit & More Details: Atta Girl Says

Walking Dead fans will dig this right away. Even if you don’t follow the Walking Dead show or the zombie happenings of the world, nothings says “BOO” like a bloody fence with hands crawling out of it.

15. Wall Decor Printables

Image Credit & More Details: Consumer Crafts

If you’re aiming for cute vs. scary, this one is for you. With free printables too, these are a breeze.

16. Super Scary Spider Web Wall Decor

Image Credit & More Details: The Art of Doing Stuff

All you need is yarn, plastic spiders and two-way tape. Easy and affordable!

17. Halloween Doormat and Spider Adornment

Image Credit & More Details: Lia Griffith

This post by Lia Griffith is full of Halloween entry decor ideas. Whether you want to just make a Halloween doormat or go for the whole shebang, she’s got you covered.

18. Outdoor Spider Web

Image Credit & More Details: My Untangled Life

This ginormous web will be a serious head turner on your block. Made from clothesline and some nail hooks, don’t be surprised if passing cars slow down to look.

19. Witch Legs Made from a Pool Noodle

Image Credit & More Details: Somewhat Planned

Instead of packing up your pool noodles for the year, reuse them to create these great witch legs for your front or backyard. This creative craft is one that can be done in an hour or less with materials from the Goodwill or your local second hand store.

20. Zombie-Hand Planters

Image Credit & More Details: Creating Really Awesome Free Things

Zombie fan or not, these planters scream Halloween spirits emerging from the underground. With some plastic hands from the Dollar Store and old planters, you can spice up your garden and scare away the tomato-eating dogs.

21. Color Your Pumpkin with Crayon

Ditch the knife and skip the paint. When you decide to decorate your pumpkins for Halloween this year, reach for a Crayola pack instead. If you don’t want to spend your dough on crayons at a craft store, snoop around your junk drawers. Here's our step-by-step tutorial (with pictures!).

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