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BrightNest's mission is to make homeowners happy.

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2013: The Year of the Ma’am Cave

Move over man caves, it’s the ladies’ turn. For years, the man cave has been ruling the roost, but it’s time to ditch the dartboards, ugly recliners and built-in beer taps. If you (or the lady in your life) need an escape after the frantic holiday season, create a space where the wine flows like water and the pillows match the drapes. Here’s how to build your very own ma’am cave:

Choose a direction and go with it. Before the walls are painted and the rug is on the floor, decide how you want to use your ma’am cave. Do you love to write? Plan your room around a fantastic desk. Do you just want to veg out and watch old seasons of Gossip Girl? Then steal the man cave’s TV and splurge on the comfiest couch you can find. This is your room – dream big! If you want it to be an in-house yoga studio, buy those mirrors and go for it, girl.

Set the mood with lighting. Few things kill a relaxing vibe faster than a harsh glare, so pay attention to your ma’am cave’s lighting. Instead of an overhead light, opt for floor lamps. To get the most bang for your lighting buck, place them in corners of the room. The light will reflect off of the walls and back into the room. If you want a more mellow feel for your ma’am cave, place a lamp on a couch-side table or opt for CFL bulbs, which have more flexible options regarding hue and warmth.

Add some personality. This is your room, so design the décor to suit your taste, and don’t worry about your husband’s trepidation for chevron or all things neon. Most of these ideas are DIY, so if you want an inexpensive way to take your cave to the next level, try one of these hip décor trends:

Fill it with inspiration. Whether you’re into Mickey Mouse or Monet, cover your walls with art, mementos and photographs that make you happy. If you feel calm and alive at the beach, why not throw up a few shots of the ocean? The room won’t really feel like it’s yours until it’s filled with little details from your life. If you’re looking for a quirky way to decorate (or your inspiration doesn’t fit in a standard frame), check out some offbeat alternatives to traditional framing.

Check the chores at the door. We know there’s probably laundry to be done and dishes to be put away, but give yourself a no-chore, no-stress rule in your ma’am cave. If you bring work into the cave, it won’t be a refuge for very long! Chill out ma’am. You deserve it.

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