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20 Awesome Drink Recipes & Keep Your Glassware in Great Shape

It’s five o’clock somewhere. Whether you’re pouring yourself a glass of pinot noir, mixing up a Manhattan, or topping off an Irish stout, one thing remains the same - your drink will end up in a glass. Make sure your glass is a blank canvas for the drink of your choice by cleaning, drying and storing your glassware properly. What drink will you be enjoying this weekend?

Photo: Inspired Taste

Store. When they’re not holding your favorite libation, your glasses should be stored away and kept clean. Invert your glasses and store them on level shelves lined with open matting. This will allow air to circulate under the glass. It might be tempting to have a chilled glass on hand for a frosted brew or an extra-cold martini, but only chill your mugs in a fridge or freezer that has been recently cleaned. Odors in the refrigerator can stick to the glass, and impact the flavor of your favorite drink. To learn about cleaning your refrigerator, read: Clean Out Your Fridge.

Clean. Some glasses should not be cleaned with dishwashing detergent because the soap can leave a foul taste on your glass. Instead, use white vinegar for martini and wine glasses, and baking soda for beer steins. Rocks and highball glasses can usually be put in the dishwasher, but double-check the manufacturer’s instructions on the best way to clean them. Also, be careful not to use hot water when cleaning a cool glass because it can cause them to crack.

Dry. Allow your glassware to air dry instead of wiping it down, because towel residue can stick to the glass and cause streaks. Instead, place your glassware open-end down on a corrugated surface to allow it to fully drain. You want air to freely circulate inside of the glass, so never place them upside down on a smooth countertop or towel.

Restore. If your glasses have a cloudy appearance, it’s likely because of calcium deposits left on the glass from hard water. To clear the deposits, use cheap white toothpaste. Scrub the toothpaste into the glass with an old toothbrush, and then rinse them thoroughly in room temperature water. Voila! Clear glassware.

Here is a selection of some thirst-quenching drinks, including a few non-alcoholic choices for designated drivers and moms to be:

White Whiskey Shamrock Shakes @ Dessert for Two

White Whiskey Shamrock Shakes @ Dessert for Two

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