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18 Holiday Decor DIYs: Centerpieces, Candle Holders, and More



Amy Thomson

Were you looking for an excuse to watch Elf and craft in your pajamas all day? Done and done.

Check out these Christmas DIY Decor Projects:

1. Felt Holiday Banner

Image Credit & Full Details: A Beautiful Mess

This project is especially DIY because you can style the banner however you please! With felt, the opportunities are endless. Grab your favorite Christmas lyrics, or even an inside joke between you and your roommates or partner and get cheesy.

2. Burlap Christmas Tree

Image Credit & Full Details: Consumer Crafts

This Christmas tree will help turn your apartment into the mountain home from The Holiday. Ya know, that great Christmas movie with Jack Black, a snowy cottage in Europe, and romance. Anyone? Anyone?

3. Holiday Centerpiece

Image Credit & Full Details: The Sweet Escape

A fancy centerpiece at a holiday party is like serving ice cream with the traditional pie. Everyone has a Christmas tree, lights, maybe even a wreath, but not everyone has a centerpiece. The best part is you can box it up for next year and impress annually.

4. Christmas Candle Votives

Image Credit & Full Details: Hearth and Made

As well as decor, these make a great homemade gift! Mostly because it’s a super simple project. All you need is transparent paper, glass cups, glue, gold paper, scissors, and the candles!

5. Origami Ornaments

Image Credit & Full Details: How About Orange

These origami ornaments make a classic, yet colorful accent to the tree. You could also try them hanging from a strip of garland and strung above the fireplace or window.

6. Winter Wonderland Holiday Wreath

Image Credit & Full Details: Craft-o-maniac

This savvy blogger told us the project took about 30-minutes total. That’s a fancy-pants wreath that you can make on the fly with some holiday supplies and a hot glue gun!

7.  Sock Snowmen

Image Credit & Full Details: Then She Made

These sock snowmen are super adorbs. This is also a great project you can do with a big group of kids. Grab your materials from the dollar store!

8. Perforated Tabletop Christmas Trees

Image Credit & Full Details: Curbly

This is the part where you get to take out your drill. Although drill can be a scary word, it’s actually a super simple project. All you need is some paper-mache cones and white spray paint. Drill your holes, directed by your artistic inspiration, spray paint the cones and you’re done.

9. Winking-Eye Ornament DIY

Image Credit & Full Details: A Beautiful Mess

Watch out mistletoe, because we love these winking Christmas ornaments! These are a great accessory to a small tree, or to put somewhere on the big tree where they might surprise and impress your guests.

10. Junk Mail Christmas Garland

Image Credit & Full Details: Party Planning Center

This blogger made the garland from Christmas cards she had never sent. Basically any thick, colorful paper is a great option. What about those useless card advertisements you throw right into your recycling bin once a week? Try this DIY with your junk mail, and then use the project as a conversation starter at your holiday party.

11. Tin Can Snowmen

Image Credit & Full Details: Practically Functional

Who doesn’t love upcycling a can of baked beans, amirite? This tin can snowman tutorial offers a lot of room for getting funky with mismatched buttons, fun colors, glitter, and reusing the top hat as a costume for your cat. The normal stuff.

12. Three French Hens Ornament

Image Credit & Full Details: Fireflies and Mudpies

This is a really great use of a clothespin. It would also be a great gift topper in place of a Christmas bow.

13. Burlap Tree Skirt

Image Credit & Full Details: The Thinking Closet

The best part about this project is, you don’t have to get out your sewing machine. You can affix the entire thing with just a hot glue gun. (Just don’t accidentally glue your fingers together while watching the little girl sing the final song in Love Actually.)

14. Junk Mail Lantern

Image Credit & Full Details: Michele Made Me

Have you ever wanted more Bed, Bath & Beyond card coupons in the mail? Because you might actually use them this time. Make snowflakes from junk mail with no coloring required. You could also use printed cardstock.

15. Christmas Card Display

Image Credit & Full Details: Craft and Creativity

For people with a lot of space, there’s usually a piano top or a long, hallway-length counter in the dining room to store Christmas cards. For the rest of us, we need to get creative. This is a fun way to display your holiday mail, that could later be reused for photos or notes!

16. Outdoor Christmas Topiaries

Image Credit & Full Details: How Does She

Flower pots can start to look a little sad after the winter frost. This project will keep your porch looking festive without spending a lot of money on lights or energy, or getting on a ladder!

17. DIY Gingerbread House Kit

Image Credit & Full Details: Mom 4 Real

This is a fun gift that is so delicious we had to include it. It’s also a great white elephant idea.

18. Rustic Wooden Candle Holders

Image Credit & Full Details: Marty's Musings

The first step to this project is finding the perfect wood to become your new candle holders. Make sure you start chopping the wood outside, because there could be insects hiding out in the logs. Once you have the candle holders made, keep them around all year and switch out the color of candle based on the season!


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