BrightNest's mission is to make homeowners happy.


BrightNest's mission is to make homeowners happy.

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15 Behr Paint Colors That Will Make You Smile




Photo: Yellow Brick Road 340B-5 | Courtesy of Behr Paints

What makes you happy in your home? Maybe it’s hosting a dinner party in your dining room with good friends and good wine, or a productive day spent in the home office. Or maybe, it’s the peace and quiet of a nice, long soak in the tub. Wherever your “happy space” is at home, there’s a paint color to make it even sweeter.  

These fifteen Behr paint colors will turn your home’s “happy space” from good to oh-em-gee great:

Throw a Delightful Dinner Party

Color Match: Red for the dining room.

If you’re an entertaining extrovert that loves to show off your culinary skills, think in shades of red. Red is a great color for a dining room or kitchen, because it stimulates energy, promotes liveliness and raises excitement. Plus, the color red will whet the appetite of your guests, so they’ll appreciate your delicious meal even more!

Our favorite reds:

Fire Island (190B-7)

Photo: Courtesy of Behr Paints

Red Hot (S-G-190)

Photo: Courtesy of Behr Paints

Red Jalapeno (190D-6)

Photo: Courtesy of Behr Paints

Amp Up Your Love Life

Color Match: Purple for the bedroom.

More action in the bedroom is a surefire way to put a smile on anyone’s face. If you want to amp up your love life, choose purple. A study of 2,000 couples showed that people with purple bedrooms tend to have sex almost 3.5 times a week!

If gettin’ busy isn’t enough of a reason to repaint your bedroom, get this: lighter purples like lavender and lilac reflect light extremely well. So, during the winter, this extra reflected light may be what you need to pull you out of a winter funk! 

Our favorite purples:

MARQUEE Showstopper (MQ5-34 I-M, E-D)

Photo: Courtesy of Behr Paints

Canyon Mist (640D-4)

Photo: Courtesy of Behr Paints

Enchanted Evening (640F-6)

Photo: Courtesy of Behr Paints

Recapture That Youthful Glow

Color Match: Pink for the bathroom.

If your idea of happy is a youthful glow, look no further than a pink paint can. Pink is the most flattering hue for pretty much every skin tone, and has the softening effect of making you appear more youthful. We recommend painting your bathroom pink so you like what you see every time you step out of the shower.

Our favorite pinks:

Fresh Pink (140D-4)

Photo: Courtesy of Behr Paints

Flamingo Dream (140B-5)

Photo: Courtesy of Behr Paints

Frosted Pomegranate (140B-7)

Photo: Courtesy of Behr Paints

Get Things Done Fast

Color Match: Green for the home office.

Let’s cut to the chase: the color green will help you complete tasks quicker. Fact. This works because the color green helps you concentrate and is one of the best colors to be surrounded by for long periods of time. So give your office walls a fresh green coat of paint, and start making things happen!

Our favorite greens:

Pine Scent (S-H-440)

Photo: Courtesy of Behr Paints

Dublin (440B-5)

Photo: Courtesy of Behr Paints

Par Four Green (440B-7)

Photo: Courtesy of Behr Paints

Chill Out and Relax

Color Match: Blue for the living room.

If your idea of happy is one simple moment of relaxation, then blue is the right paint color for you. Blue is known to have a calming effect and is considered refreshing to the eye. So choose blue for any room you want to evoke the feeling of comfort and winding down. Blue walls, smooth jazz and a glass of red wine… are you feeling relaxed yet?

Our favorite blues:

Sea Rover (540C-3)

Photo: Courtesy of Behr Paints

MARQUEE Award Night (MQ5-15D)

Photo: Courtesy of Behr Paints

Serene Sky (540C-2)

Photo: Courtesy of Behr Paints

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