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BrightNest's mission is to make homeowners happy.

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11 Ways to Reuse a Yoga Mat at Home




Yoga is awesome, and downward dog and half-pigeon can really turn a bad day around. We get that. But, yoga is essentially a workout. And when you workout, you sweat.

So, how closely does your yoga mat resemble a massive, two-year-old sponge?

If you had to think about the answer, it’s probably time for a new mat. But don’t throw out your old one just yet! You can use it for a bunch of cool, useful stuff around the house.

Here’s a list of eleven ideas:

Note: Before trying one of these tricks, we recommending cleaning your mat! Toss the mat in the washing machine and dry it on medium or high heat, or try this method from MindBodyGreen.

1. Keep Your Rugs Honest

Rugs are mostly good: they add visual interest to any room and keep your floor clean. But, they have a dark side: rugs can slide out from under you or a running child and cause a nasty fall! Prevent this by placing a yoga mat under any high-traffic rugs or floor runners.

2. Line Drawers

Lining your drawers protects your possessions makes cleaning a cinch and guards the drawers from damage. Tip: To easily cut your mat, use a rotary cutter.

3. Stop Pet-Bowl Spills

Animals are not usually super concerned if they knock their bowl all over your expensive wood floors while they’re drinking and eating. If Sparky is guilty of this little habit, throw some yoga mat pieces below the bowl for added traction.

4. Protect Hardwood Floors

Fact: The heavier the furniture, the deeper the scratches on your beloved hardwood floor. Stop this issue once and for all by making your own furniture protectors. Simply cut out small circles from your yoga mat, and use hot glue to attach the circles to the bottom of furniture.

5. Give Your Dish Rack an Upgrade

A drying rack set directly on a countertop can warp the surface or make your kitchen smell like mold. Prevent both problems by placing a cut piece of yoga mat under the rack. Tip: If your mat starts to develop an odor, clean it with warm, soapy water.

6. Kill Weeds

This one is pretty slick. No Sun + Heat from Mat = Dead Weeds. Just cut the mat to fit the weed patch and leave it there for a few days.

7. Conquer Stuck Jars

If you’ve had to forgo eating a delicious pickle once or twice in your life because you couldn’t get the jar open, try this: cut a palm-sized square out of your old yoga mat and keep it in a kitchen drawer. It’ll give you a better grip next time you encounter a jar with a jerk for a lid.

8. Make It a Tub Mat

If you have an infant who’s prone to bath-time slips, throw the old yoga mat down before you run the water. It’ll give your baby’s bum some extra traction. This works great for bathing pets, too.

9. Save Them Until You Move

Packing peanuts are like poison ivy plants. Everybody hates them. To avoid the peanut plague during your next move, try wrapping delicate items in a cut-up yoga mat, instead.

10. Make Your Pet More Comfortable

If your pet is entering their golden years and could use some extra padding under their favorite spots, use a yoga mat! 

11. Prevent Drafts from Leaky Doors and Windows

Cut out a thin strip and use it to plug any leaky doors or windows. Not sure how to find a draft? Step #2 of this To Do will help.

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