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BrightNest's mission is to make homeowners happy.

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11 of Our Favorite Home DIYs from a Beautiful Mess




Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of the inspiring and cheerfully colorful site called A Beautiful Mess. This popular home decor blog is chock-full of do-it-yourself home projects and the authors totally take away the intimidation factor by keeping things simple.

A Beautiful Mess features thousands (seriously, thousands!) of projects, so it can be a little overwhelming when you first dive in. That’s why we hand-picked our top 11 choices for DIYs to try from A Beautiful Mess.

Hand-Stamped Clementine Wall

Photo: A Beautiful Mess

Let’s go ahead and consider the A Beautiful Mess sisters experts when it comes to statement walls. What’s a statement wall, you ask? A wall that says something about your home décor theme, and is far more prominent than an accent wall. This kitchen DIY is another testament to this blog’s creativity:  With a little craft foam and interior paint, a kitchen was totally transformed with fun and festive fruit designs.

Magnetic Ironing Mat

Photo: A Beautiful Mess

If you’re a renter (or just have a small laundry room) this DIY is for you! Make your own fold-up ironing mat in just a few simple steps. This board will take up a lot less space than a big, old ironing board and you get to hit the craft store and choose some fun fabric.

Wallpapered Stairs (with Removable Wallpaper!)

Photo: A Beautiful Mess

Add some flair to a staircase with removable wallpaper. This project takes less than an hour if you’re good at measuring. And a tip from the pros: if you have an older home, be sure to measure every single step – homes with older staircases can warp and change over time!

Gold Marbled Entryway Table

Photo: A Beautiful Mess

This just in: Marble is super trendy right now, and we can’t get enough of it! To restyle an old table, give the top a marble design with this DIY. Simply decoupage some marble paper on top of a table for a smooth, satin finish.  

Leather and Copper Bathroom Organizers

Photo: A Beautiful Mess

You’ve probably heard that the best way to store bathroom odds and ends is to grab a few small containers to keep everything organized. But, what we love about this Leather + Copper Cup Organizer project is the chic style that copper brings to the bathroom!

Personalized Home Welcome Mat

Photo: A Beautiful Mess

The best part about this project is that you don’t have to be a DIY pro to tackle it! All you need is some good contact paper, an X-Acto knife and porch paint.

White Dot Curtains

Photo: A Beautiful Mess

Curtains are definitely one of the more pricier decor items to check off your shopping list, and the styles that are available in most stores often feel too limiting. Bring on the DIY! Make these white dot curtains with a little sewing magic, foam circle pouncers and some white fabric paint.

Washer and Dryer Makeover

Photo: A Beautiful Mess

When it comes to interior design, no item in your home should be exempt from the decorating process, and that includes your washer and dryer. You would never be able to tell, but this washer and dryer DIY beautifies everyday appliances with a bit of electrical tape.

Statement Shower Curtain


Photo: A Beautiful Mess

Most of this DIY shower curtain is done with careful stenciling, but you’ll first need to find a cotton curtain that has an ombre or solid color design to help your letters stand out. Then, pick your phrase to stencil (think of something you’ll want to see every morning before you get ready).

Paint the Interior of Kitchen Cabinets


Photo: A Beautiful Mess

Add a splash of color to your kitchen by painting the interior of your kitchen cabinets! You can be as bold as you want with this color because you won’t actually see it all the time – just when you open your cabinet doors to reach for a coffee mug.

Photo Decoupage Dresser

Photo: A Beautiful Mess

For this project, you’ll first need to get your hands on a blueprint photo print of a photo you love, and what works best is usually an abstract print like flowers or water. From there, measure the paper to size and decoupage the image onto each dresser drawer. All in, this project costs about $14! 

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