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BrightNest's mission is to make homeowners happy.

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10 Secret Ways to Reuse These Items in Your Pantry




Your pantry is hiding something – a whole lot of useful cleaning tricks! Whether you’re cleaning, de-stinking, or organizing there are tons of alternative uses for everyday items you have tucked away in your pantry.

Don’t underestimate what you have! Try one of these quick tricks to unlock the secret value of your pantry.

Use Salt to Keep Flowers Fresh

Have a beautiful bouquet of flowers that are showing some signs of wilting? Add a dash of salt to the water in the vase – the salt is essentially food for the flowers and prevents bacteria growth.

Brighten Your Laundry with Pepper

Add a teaspoon of black pepper to your wash to keep brights staying bright. Pepper naturally prevents colors from running in the wash.

Eliminate Smells from the Kitchen with Tea

Whether you’re frying fish or baking it in the oven, the odor can linger after a meal, and that’s not always a good thing. Simmer a pot of boiling water on your stovetop and then add 3-4 tea bags into the boiling water to rid your kitchen of the smell. Pro Tip: You can also rinse your hands with cold tea after preparing the meal to help eliminate odors.

Prevent Fruit from Browning with Lemon Juice

This is a great trick if you’re hosting a party and expect to have fresh fruit on the table. Sprinkle a few drops of lemon juice on the cut halves to prevent browning. No lemon juice handy? This can also work using citrus soda!

Hide Scuff Marks with Coffee Grounds

Have leftover coffee? Take a cotton swab and dab it on old coffee grounds. Then, dab it on dark wood furniture - it will help hide white scuff marks.

Use Old Paper Towel Holders for Jewelry Storage

Keep your old paper towel holders for bracelets, bangles and belt storage. Slide your bracelets onto the towel holder, or use it to wrap your belts and keep them in place.

Turn an Old Cutting Board into a Kitchen Calendar

If your cutting board has seen better days, paint it with chalkboard paint! Turn it into a kitchen calendar, or a menu board. Not sure if your cutting board is ready to be reused? Run through this quick checklist to find out.

Clean your Coffee Grinder with White Rice

Simply add the rice to your coffee grinder and grind away! The rice will clean the grooves of the machine as well as help remove the coffee smell.

Deodorize Carpet with Cornstarch

Sprinkle cornstarch on your carpet and let sit for 20-30 minutes. Then, vacuum up the powder.

Fix a Squeaky Door with Olive Oil

There’s nothing quite as annoying as a door squeaking on its hinges. Dab a small amount of olive oil on a rag and apply to the door hinge to quiet the squeak.

Soak up Grease with Baking Powder

Grease stain on your clothes? Sprinkle a little baking powder on the problem spot. Then, shake off any extra into your sink or trash can. Once the grease has been soaked up, brush the rest off, and wash as usual.

Substitute Honey for Sugar when Baking

If you realize you’re all out of sugar when you’re whipping up your next batch of cupcakes, use honey as a substitute. For every cup of sugar, replace with ¾ cup of honey.

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