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BrightNest's mission is to make homeowners happy.

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10 1/2 Ways to Use Baby Wipes Around the House




If you’ve seen a parent’s eyes light up at the mention of baby wipes, chances are it wasn’t just because of their bottom-cleaning qualities. These inexpensive moist towelettes can lend a serious hand around the house, too, making them a parent’s best-kept cleaning secret.

Even if diaper duty isn’t on your current to-do list, it’s worth tossing a baby wipe pack into your cart the next time you’re at the store. They’ll come in handy all over the house!

For an eco-conscious choice, we like Seventh Generation Baby Wipes. They’re made from 70% less plastic than classic wipes, thanks to plant materials.

Here are eleven of our favorite alternative uses for baby wipes.

1. Shine your Shoes

Have your leather pumps or patent leather dress shoes taken a walk on the dingy side? No problem, they’ll sparkle like Dorothy’s kicks after a quick baby-wipe rubdown!

2. Use as a Pre-Wash Stain Fighter

Lipstick-on-a-collar is no match for a baby wipe. Simply scrub the stain before you toss the garment into the washing machine. This works especially well for makeup and crayon stains.

3. Dust Fan Blades

Hold a baby wipe in your hand when it’s still moist, and run it along the top of a ceiling fan. Sayonara, dust!

4. Blot Stains 

A spilled glass of wine doesn’t have to be a permanent party foul! If you’ve toppled a glass of wine or beer, blot the spill immediately with a baby wipe. The wipe will absorb the excess liquid so you can get serious on the stain.

5. Clean Your Keyboard

If your keyboard has stains and loose dust, power down your computer and give your keys a swipe with a baby wipe. It will remove dirt, dried spills and gunk. Note: This works for surface problems, but be prepared to get more involved for a deep clean of your keyboard.  

6. Pick Up Pet Hair

If your couch is covered in pet hair, use a baby wipe as a lint roller if you’re in a pinch. The moist cloth will pick up loose hair. Tip: Using a damp rubber glove works really well, too.

7. Clean Blinds

Blinds can be tricky to clean because they’re ultra-thin. Instead of half-cleaning them with a dry duster, grab a baby wipe. With the wet cloth in hand, rub your hand along the length of the blind. You may be surprised by how much dust and dirt you find!

8. Remove Fingerprints from Leather

If your leather sofa is covered with tiny handprints, erase them with a baby wipe. Be sure to let the couch dry before you sit down again. Tip: To make sure the wipe won’t damage your leather, test a small, out-of-sight area before de-printing your entire sofa.

9. Polish Chrome

Make your chrome appliances shine like a new penny by rubbing them down with a clean baby wipe.

10. Clean Refrigerator Coils

The wipe makes it easy to get in-between tight grooves, so it’s perfect for cleaning refrigerator coils. Add them to your coil-cleaning toolbox and get to work! 

10 1/2. Clean Up Spills

So this may seem obvious – which is why it's really only half a tip – but hear us out! These towelettes are already damp, so you can skip a step and get right to the clean up. Don’t cry over spilled milk (or juice) ever again – just grab a baby wipe!

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